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  • Tailift Forklift

    Tailift established in 1973 in Taiwan. With over 40 years of experience in the research and development of Material Handling Equipment, focusing on product development and market expansion.
    In August of 2015, Tailift Material Handling Taiwan Co., LTD. formally joined a new member of the Toyota family. In the future, Tailift will develop a good quality forklift truck that meets Tailift’s customer needs.
    Furthermore, we focus on customer communication and service which will bring more benefit to the dealer’s expansion and improve satisfaction in the global market.

    2016 Events

    2016 / 06 /14
    Tailift Z2000 forklift truck was awarded "2011 Taiwan Excellence Award"

    2016 / 08 / 06
    Tailift have great success introduce Z series in Cemat Hannover

    • 1.5-5.0 tons IC Counterbalance Trucks
    • 6.0-10.0 tons IC Counterbalance Trucks
    • ZFB18 Series Electric counterbalance truck
    • ETU16-20 Series Electric Pallet truck
    • Electric Stackers
    • VNA Trucks
    • Electric Towing Tractor

    9L 1.5~3.5T

    9L Plus 1.8~3.5T

    Z1000e 1.8~3.5T

    Z1000 1.8~3.5T

    Z2000 1.5~3.5T

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